Entering Fatherhood

Ahh, fatherhood. “You don’t truly understand it until you are one.” they say, and they are correct. Although, there are many things I’m starting to understand about fatherhood that aren’t the generic tips everyone and their mom, and the cashier at Schnucks try to give you before the arrival of your child.

It isn’t the “make sure you use butt paste” (something I learned is indeed the actual name of something), or “make sure to burp them.”, and “don’t leave them at home alone or in the car” (who knew?).

While I do better understand the importance of all of those things, those aren’t the realizations that I’m having. No, the type of things I’m starting to understand are why the guy across the street growing up who had 4 kids mowed his lawn 5 times a week, or finally understanding why Paul Rudd kept fake dumping (sitting on the toilet playing words with friends) in “This is 40.” Or why all of a sudden my 285 pound neighbor decided to pick up running. While some of these things seem helpful or healthy life choices, its really the fact that men will do anything to avoid a crying baby.

Some of you may be saying “shhh dude don’t blow it for us!” Trust me guy, they already know, you aren’t the first one to take a sudden interest in P90x or the weeds in your garden when the new addition arrives.

Welcome to fatherhood…

Before child:

Question: “Do you mind running to the store for me? I need lemons for this chicken recipe”

Answer: “Do you? Or could we still eat the chicken without the lemons, ya know I think the other day I actually had an allergic reaction to lemon.”

With screaming child:

Question: “Do you mind running to the store for me? I need lemons for this chicken recipe.”

Answer: “I would LOVE to. Do you mind if I go to the one in Wentzville? I hear they have great lemons. If not, I’ll just pop my tire on the way home and sit in silence while I wait for AAA.”

Ahhh, silence. Something of the past, but when it happens, soak it in my friend.

In all seriousness, I love the hell out of my family, and I would do anything for my little man. But, as all parents know, thoughts go through our heads when we realize life is never going to be the same (yes you too, ladies). So why not have some fun with it and laugh together? That is one of the reasons for doing this blog, to share our experiences as we go through the crazy journey of parenthood.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
(My nephews depiction of our family before children, everyone looks so… refreshed)

I came out of the gate a little hot there and forgot to introduce myself. My name is Grant Steward, and I am a new dad learning as I go just like everyone else. My wife Rachel and I are lucky enough to be the parents of our son Grayson, who was born January 3rd, 2017. We reside in St. Louis, MO where Rachel is a high school science teacher and I am an elementary school counselor. We also have 3 rescue dogs named Bear, Taylor and Kimmie. Between the 4 of our pups (including the human one) and our professions, we have all kinds of stories and experiences, and I am excited to share my life with all of you. While we are not dodging baby pee or wrestling our dinner out of our Chocolate Lab’s mouth, we enjoy eating, Netflix (and actually chilling) and everything else most 25-30 year old’s enjoy.

My goal behind this blog is to share all things dad. Whether that be funny parenting stories, health and wellness opportunities, sports, grilling tips, home improvement ideas, lawn care advice and everything else us dads like, or might not like to do. I look forward to sharing and hearing from you!


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